Protect Your Roof From “Storm Chasers”

Protect Your Roof From “Storm Chasers”

The Omaha area just went through some major hail damage recently. By being educated in who you are working with to fix your roof, you can protect yourself from serious repair or replacement issues. “Storm chasers” are companies who travel to areas that have been affected by recent storm damage and find roofs in need of replacement and repairs. They often require up-front cash and offer quick repairs at low prices (too good to be true).

A reliable and reputable contractor will not offer to act as the sole contact for your insurance company, but storm chasers may. If you sign a document authorizing them to act as the sole contact, this means your check may be made out to them and not you, the homeowner. This means you give up your right to withhold payment if you are not satisfied with the job completion.

Often these storm chasers will not have insurance policies for their company, and this will leave you at risk. If someone becomes injured on the job their medical bills may become your problem. Reputable companies have warranties and insurance policies that will help protect you the homeowner.

Storm chasers may not even have a permanent address for their businesses. This may become a problem for you should you have installed products that have warranty issues. Local businesses can work with you on warranty issues for products they use. Often times storm chasers cut corners in the products they use as well not having insurance, licensing, bonding. That way they can make their business the cheapest to work with.

A&P Construction is a local company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are ready to prove to you that you can trust us for all your roofing needs. We stand behind our work once the job is completed. Call us today for a free quote! 402-740-0800.